dandelion (Jasper Sawyer)

Gepubliceerd op 19 juni 2024 om 07:13

verse 1:

I see you're hurting so talk to me

Come say the things that you're needing to

lay on my shoulders things that keep stealing your smile

let me hold you a while girl

Beautiful as you have always been

hold your head up for a different view

as we grow closer, sometimes I need to remind you that 

deep down inside



You're just like a dandelion, strong all through

even better than the roses surrounding you

when all of your petals and flowers fall down

you're tough like a dandelion, roots like the dandelion

Been tossed by the wind and been battered by the rain

not one of those roses, could handle the pain

when looking things over you've always come through

cause just like the dandelion, you've been growing too


verse 2:

You are the only one that I'll love

so lower your guns, let me help you through

when you feel tired, I'll help you finish the mile

anything for your smile girl

Wonderful as you have always been

lift your eyes up to see something new

as we grow closer, sometimes I need to remind you

that right there inside you


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